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Flooring which has a simple, streamlined look will provide a strong base for various modern design options.


From minimalist to “shabby chic” we can help you integrate the best flooring choices into your home design.  Modern, characterized by simplicity, and a clean, streamlined style requires an interesting floor choice that does not detract from the other design elements in the room.

Suitable for a modern style are solid hardwood floors in subtle colors, and engineered wood floors, which can be used to introduce elements of color and subtle patterns.


LVT and CVT, as well as carpet, can be effectively used as well.  Introducing elements of geometric shapes and colors from subdued to flashy. 
LVT’s choice of bold colors and patterns is also well suited to the Retro Style, mimicking the styles of the
’50s, ’60s or ’70s.


Best wood floors for a modern look include:
White oak, stained
Engineered floors